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President Tokayev criticized the Ministry of Environment
Minister of Ecology Zulfiya Suleimenova. Photo by Akorda press service
President Tokayev criticized the Ministry of Ecology during a meeting on the development of the capital, correspondent reports.
On July 11, the President held a meeting on the development of Astana. Kasym-Jomart Tokayev noted that the capital city is completely dependent on the Astana reservoir. According to him, there are no other sources of water, which is extremely risky.

"As the population of the capital continues to grow and all new facilities are being put into operation, it is already clear that the volume of the reservoir will be exhausted in the next year or two.

In addition, the reservoir is heavily polluted, and this is happening before the eyes of the specialized ministry. It is necessary to clean and deepen the bottom of the reservoir. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate and strengthen the dam of Astana reservoir, repair its locks and ensure regular feeding from the Satpayev canal. All works should be carried out immediately," the President said.

He noted that it is extremely important to urgently put in order the technical condition of the water reservoir.

"Astana has no other sources of drinking water supply. It should be recognized that this situation did not arise yesterday, it has been developing for more than one year. Earlier, the Ministry of Ecology was instructed to carry out comprehensive work to provide the city with water. However, there are still no results. Even proposals to solve the problem have not been developed. I repeat once again: the relevant department should take concrete measures," the head of state said.

It should be noted that during the meeting on the development of the capital, President Tokayev gave Astana Akim Jenis Kasymbek a year to improve the situation in the city.

"Astana should undoubtedly be the flagship of cardinal transformations aimed at building a Just Kazakhstan. It is also important to keep a constant hand on the pulse of the city's life. I give the Akim one year to improve the situation in the city. Your work will be under my personal control. You will be given all the necessary assistance. However, the results of work depend only on you. I wish you success," Tokayev said.

The head of state also emphasized that it is important to solve the issue of water supply in the capital on a priority basis. Read more about it here.
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