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new universal wastewater treatment
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The product VTA Biokat causes the formation of large activated sludge floccules thanks to a biocompatible charge carrier. This product significantly improves the sludge volume index and increases settling speed.
VTA Biokat is a comprehensive product with a long-term effect, economical to use and environmentally friendly. Another advantage is its efficiency and ease of use compared to the dosing of coagulants and flocculants where a preparation process is required.
In wastewater treatment plants, VTA Biokat works as a bioactivator: it stimulates the activity of microorganisms in the biocoenosis of activated sludge and significantly increases their ability to oxidize in a biological way. The product effectively acts on filamentous bacteria and reduces the concentration of sulfur.
  • Fast and reliable phosphate precipitation
  • Improvement of precipitation properties
  • Decrease in sludge volume index
  • Increased settling rate
  • Binding of small flakes
  • Increases the rate of biological treatment
  • Increasing rate of COD decline
  • Increasing the rate of fat reduction
  • Increasing rate of decline in nitrogen concentrations
  • Sulfur reduction
  • Reduction of suspended solids to MPC
  • Foam suppression
  • No flakes in the drain
  • Inclusion of filamentous bacteria in flakes
VTA Biokat P 500
UTA BloKa* R 500 is a unique
product based on
nanotechnology, which
water purification takes place in several
times faster and more efficient. Product
is a balanced mixture
polymetallic complexes
hydroxides with added minerals
and combinations of selective carriers
charge. For product manufacturing
only raw materials of the highest quality are used
degree of purification.
As a result of the application
system product VTA BioKat:
Improving the process of removal from wastewater
phosphorus and other pollutants.
There is a direct effect on filamentous bacteria,
and leads to a decrease in their number, which is favorable
affects the quality and properties of sludge.
Dense compact floccules of sludge are formed,
providing high sedimentation, and reducing
suspended solids concentration, COD,
significantly reducing water turbidity.
With the constant use of a system product, it is possible to guarantee an increase in the existing capacity of the treatment plant, an improvement in the stability
their work, the ability of treatment facilities to cope with the emerging hydraulic loads, the implementation of MPC standards.
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