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Artesian water treatment
Artesian water
Underground deep sources of water supply, unlike open and ground sources, are practically
do not contain impurities of technogenic origin and organic matter. However, this does not mean at all that artesian waters do not need to be purified for use as drinking water or for household needs.
They have other pollution caused by contact with deep geological formations. In order to understand the question: how to purify artesian water, you need to understand what it is and what are its features. Having established the main types of impurities, it is possible to select the necessary methods for cleaning artesian water.
The composition of the artesian water treatment system
Features of the room where the inlet unit is located: the presence of heating, sewerage, power supply and free space for accommodation equipment
Purpose of water. for drinking, household, as.
coolant for the heating system
The composition of the artesian water treatment system determined by the specialists of our organizations according to the results of the analysis of fluid from the de source. To create an effective complex
purification of water from an artesian well in addition to the following laboratory conclusions are required data:
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