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Industrial reverse osmosis systems
Designed for desalination and desalination of water from various water supply sources - artesian wells, surface sources, seas.

It is carried out with the help of membrane separation technology, which allows to achieve desalination quality up to 99.5%

Desalinated water can be used to feed boilers, recycling cycles of enterprises, in food industry, for irrigation of plants and for household and drinking water supply.
Reverse osmosis systems work according to the following principle: the initial water under pressure undergoes primary mechanical purification in a 5 micron filter, then with the help of a high-pressure pump is directed to the main filter element - reverse osmosis membrane.

The membrane separates the water into permeate (treated water) and concentrate (water discharge to the sewer). Under normal conditions, the purified water yield is between 50-85% of the source water volume.
The principle of operation of industrial reverse osmosis systems
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