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Rain treatment facilities
Stormwater treatment plant series
"Combined sand and oil trap (CSOT)",
"Oil trap (OT)", "Sand trap (ST)"
The standard completeness of the proposed installations of the "CSOT", "OT", "ST" series provides deep purification of rain and melt water from suspended solids and oil products from the territory of industrial enterprises, gas stations, car parks and other facilities to discharge standards into the city storm sewer or fishery reservoirs. destination. Their purpose is to remove suspended solids and particles of oil products from wastewater by filtration and settling.
Typically these units are combined with grit traps in the same housing to avoid problems with solids and sludge removal. The standard system consists of three compartments through which contaminated water passes.
The main technological stages of purification
Additional options
filtration using high efficiency recyclable polymer media
post-treatment on an adsorber with activated carbon loading
mechanical cleaning from suspended solids and removal of free oil products
disinfection of treated water with ultraviolet light
to purification from heavy metals (copper, zinc, cadmium, nickel, etc.) on filters with special loading.
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