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In Kazakhstan, there's been interest in constructing reservoirs for collecting rainwater and melted snow.
American and Israeli companies presented the project.
The Kazakhstan Center for Modernization and Development of Housing and Communal Services held negotiations with representatives of American and Israeli companies. Representatives from Atrafin Bank (USA), World Vision Solutions, and Greenlight Business Ventures (Israel) presented a project for building reservoirs to collect rainwater, meltwater, and purified wastewater with a capacity of up to 5 million cubic meters, as reported by the correspondent of the business information center

Chairman of the Board of KazCenter for Housing and Communal Services, Adilkhan Omirbayev, highlighted the relevance and importance of efficient and rational water usage for the country. "According to experts, collecting and storing rainwater and meltwater will help reduce the need for water supply in urban areas, while collecting, purifying, storing, and reusing wastewater will contribute to reducing the amount of pollutants in the environment. Additionally, water from the reservoirs can be used for irrigation of fields and landscaping," explained the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development (MIID). Following the meeting, the parties expressed their intention to develop bilateral cooperation in optimizing water resource usage and implementing a pilot project in Kazakhstan.
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