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An audit of existing wastewater treatment plants allows you to obtain an objective assessment of the condition of facilities. To determine the quality of water purification, identify shortcomings and propose the most rational ways to improve the quality of treated wastewater and increase the energy efficiency of the system as a whole. Any water management facility of a settlement or industrial enterprise is a complex technical system consisting of pumping stations, pipelines, structures, and technological equipment. Therefore, before considering the reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of their current condition, which will optimize the financial resources allocated for this purpose. During the survey, VITA Kazakhstan specialists perform the following work:
  • Collection and analysis of existing design and executive documentation;
  • Implementation of verification calculations of the work of structures;
  • Inspection of building structures of buildings and structures;
  • Preparation of a report with recommendations for the reconstruction of the facility
  • Sampling and analysis of source and purified water, sampling in problematic nodes of the water treatment system.
  • Implementation of verification calculations of the water treatment system and its individual components.
  • Checking the operating modes of the equipment for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents and technological maps.
  • Recommendations for the reuse or disposal of flushing water facilities.
  • Preparation of a report with recommendations for further efficient operation of equipment, replacement of equipment or increasing the productivity of equipment, if necessary
After the audit, depending on the technical characteristics of the facility, as well as taking into account its operation, the Customer is given recommendations that can solve the following tasks:
  • Improving the productivity of wastewater treatment plants;
  • Improvement of the degree of purification;
  • Improving the reliability of equipment and technological processes;
  • Modernization of outdated equipment;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Improvement of the general ecological situation of the area.
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