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The containers are made of reinforced fiberglass. They have a cylindrical shape, thick walls that are not afraid of corrosion or other effects of an aggressive environment. The tightness of the structure guarantees the quality and safety of preservation of any substances.

Containers, depending on the purpose, are produced in volumes from 5,000 to 100,000 liters.
The delivery package of the fuel tank design includes a liquid level sensor, a check valve and a transfer gun.

The remarkable characteristics of fiberglass, such as corrosion resistance, durability, ease of maintenance, strength, non–susceptibility to low and high temperatures - make this material practically durable, which can serve for several decades.
Types of fiberglass containers:
Containers for technological and corrosive liquids in industrial enterprises;
Waste water collection and storage tanks;
Fire tanks. These types of containers are mainly used for storing and accumulating process water, which serves as a means of fighting fire. As a rule, containers are produced with a volume of 5,000 to 100,000 liters. The containers are made of high-quality European materials, have high strength and durability;
Containers for fuel and lubricants materials. They are used for storing diesel fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, and are made from special resins that are not susceptible to this aggressive environment. Additionally, they can be equipped with a fuel harness;
Fiberglass tanks
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