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water treatment systems
Mechanical water treatment systems are used to treat industrial wastewater received from manufacturing enterprises. Such systems are various types of filters that remove sand, rust, and sediment from the liquid. Depending on the type of contamination, they can be mesh, coal, sand.
Chemical methods of water treatment are usually used in systems where water treatment is required for boiler rooms. Such systems include electrochemical, ion exchange, catalytic, sorption, and combined.
Electrochemical methods make it possible to effectively purify liquids from various pollutants, while they are low-cost, compact and very easy to use. Ion-exchange water treatment methods allow liquids to be purified to a level that meets water quality standards.
Industrial water treatment of a boiler house is a complex of technological processes and technical means that provide preparation for the use of water purified to a certain level of pollution
Industrial water treatment for CWT boiler houses (chemical water treatment)
The equipment is designed for the preparation and treatment of feed water boilers. It is selected depending on the types of boilers and units and can be represented by lighting filters, systems based on ion exchange technologies (sodium cationation, deionization, mixed–action filters), reverse osmosis systems, reagent dosing stations to stabilize the composition of water.
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